Accomodation Spreadsheet

The Widget on the left has a spreadsheet for us all to collaborate on. You have to sign up to and then access the spreadsheet from there. I haven’t worked out if you have to upload the spreadsheet to that site when you have made changes, but I assume so. Then everyone has access to the latest data on the spreadsheet. If anyone else finds out how it works then feel free to put the instructions up here. 🙂

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BAY BEACH HOUSE Peppermint Grove Beach




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Como Comotions

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Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival

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The First Adventure!

One day the oldest daughter of the piggy family decided it would be a good idea if all the piggy sisters met on a regular basis to kick their heels up and do a bit of R & R. She booked a little cabin on the edge of a lake on a farm near Bridgetown and they all went there. Unfortunately the managers of the said farm cabins were very nasty and would not give the sisters any wine glasses. Instead of the sisters huffing and puffing their house down they decided to redecorate the cabin and make it cosy.

Glenlynn Cottages Bridgetown Oct 2009

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